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Library Cards and Use

Every resident of Hopkins County is encouraged to use the Public Library facilities via Main Library, Bookmobile, or Branch Library. Each library card applicant must furnish all information requested on an application form.

Patron must supply: Official form of photo ID. If not available, another form of identification may suffice but must be an ID from a government association or agency, a city/county utility bill, a property bill for property in Hopkins County, or some other official piece of mail designating the applicant’s name and their correct address within Hopkins County.

Replacement Cards: Replacement cards may be purchased for a $2.00 fee. Patrons should strive to keep up with their original wallet and keychain cards.

Out of County: Out-of-county library cards are available to patrons who do not live, work, or own land in Hopkins County. Out-of-county cards require a small yearly user fee, which must be paid by each member of the family receiving a card.  Full-Access out-of-county cards have a $20.00 user fee and give patrons full access to all of the same materials and services as their in-county equivalents. If an out-of-county patron wants a library card but does not require access to the Library’s physical collection, an Online-Only out-of-county card is available for a $10.00 user fee; this card gives access to all of the Library’s electronic resources (use of the Library’s public computers, electronic books, website resources, etc.) but does not allow for checkout of any of the Library’s physical materials (physical books, DVDs, A/V equipment, etc).

Juvenile Cards

Juvenile Cards: Parent/Legal Guardian must be present to establish a juvenile card account for minors aged 3- 17 years. These accounts allow full access to library materials excluding DVD/Blu-Ray titles, A/V equipment, and backpacks. Guardian name, address, contact information, and signature is required. ID of parent/legal guardian and proof of address also required (see above).

Juvenile Limited Cards: In the event a parent/legal guardian is not available and another responsible adult is present (Grandparent, sibling, aunt/uncle, cousin over age 18) to sign, a juvenile limited card may be issued.

Guardian name (or responsible adult), address, and contact information is required along with some form of identification if available. These accounts allow computer access (where applicable) and a restricted loan limit of 3 books/audio materials (except for first- time use cards, which is two [2] books/audio materials). Videos may not be checked out with a juvenile limited card.

Renewals, and Overdue Fees

Overdues: No patron with outstanding fines or overdues may check out library materials or use the public computers. Since only adults can be responsible for a minor’s materials, any minor residing in a household with an adult patron holding outstanding fines or materials is also ineligible for checkout if the adult is the minor’s parent or legal guardian. Overdue notices are generated by computer approximately two (2) weeks after an item has been found to be overdue. These notices are mailed every two weeks to patrons. A second notice and/or phone call may be sent by the librarian offering another chance to return overdue items or to verify correct name and address. Fine Schedule: $.10 per day with a $2.00 maximum fine on each book; $2.00 per day per item on DVD with a $6.00 per item cap. Audio CDs are $.10 per day not to exceed $2.00. Audio Visual equipment is $5.00 per day until the fine reaches the cost of the item.

Fine Schedule: $.10 per day with a $2.00 maximum fine on each book; $2.00 per day per item on DVD with a $6.00 per item cap. Audio CDs are $.10 per day not to exceed $2.00. Audio Visual equipment is $5.00 per day until the fine reaches the cost of the item.

Circulation and Returns

Circulation: Books circulate for 21 business days with a five day grace period. Audiobooks and music CDs circulate for 14 business days with a five day grace period. DVDs and Blu-Rays circulate for three business days with no grace period. The Bookmobile allows a monthly checkout depending on the rotating schedule. If a patron misses the five (5) day grace period, fees for all five (5) days will be tallied plus any additional time. If the items are returned within the five (5) day grace, fees are forgiven. All materials may be renewed twice with the exception of DVDs/Blu-Rays, which may be renewed only once, and A/V equipment which may not be renewed.

Online Catalog & Resources

HCMPL offers our library catalog online for visitors to check resource available. Additionally, HCMPL provides a list of online resources for our patrons to access.

Meeting Rooms

Main Library

The main library has two (2) meeting rooms

Meeting Room A:
Smart TV with basic cable; sink; Wi-Fi access

Meeting Room B:
Smart TV with basic cable ; pull-down screen; Wi-Fi access

Digital projector and screen available but must be reserved separately prior to use.
DVD/Blu-Ray player available but must be reserved separately prior to use.


Dawson Springs Branch

Meeting Room
Full kitchen; Cable TV; DVD/VHS player; Wi-Fi access; after-hours entrance

Digital projector and screen available but must be reserved separately prior to use.


The bookmobile is a mobile branch library with the mission of bringing county-wide library service to our customers. The bookmobile operates on a monthly schedule making public stops, visiting nursing homes, senior centers, preschools, daycare facilities, shut-ins, and private schools.

A printed schedule is available semi-annually. The bookmobile will notify users in a particular area when it is off the road due to weather, emergency, maintenance, illness, etc. Call the library at 270-825-2680 for scheduling requests and more information. Not all stops are permissible and may depend upon the current schedule and availability.


Bookmobile Schedule

2nd Friday of the Month:
Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

3rd Friday of the Month:
Daycares & Head starts

Computer and Internet Access

For more information please see our Computer Use and Internet Policies.

Code of Conduct

For our full Code of Conduct please visit our Terms of Use page.