Homebound Delivery


What is Homebound Delivery? 

The Homebound Delivery Service at Hopkins County-Madisonville Public Library provides free Library delivery services to individuals who are residents within Hopkins County and are unable to physically come to the Hopkins County-Madisonville Public Library at either of our two locations in Madisonville and Dawson Springs.

You must be a resident of Hopkins County and have a current Hopkins County-Madisonville Public Library card. Delivery and pick up is available to individuals unable to come to the Library due to mobility, health (including quarantining individuals), or disability barriers. Whether you are at home, in assisted living, or in a nursing facility, you are eligible.  The outreach coordinator will notify users in a particular area when the service is unavailable due to weather, emergency, maintenance, illness, etc.  You can request delivery by submitting an online form via the “Order Now” link at the top or bottom of this page.  You may also call the library at 270-825-2680 for scheduling requests and more information. Not all stops may be permissible and depend upon the current schedule and availability.

Questions & Answers

When will you be delivering materials?

All deliveries will be made on Mondays starting September 13, 2021 between 10:00-2:30.  Other times may be possible depending on the delivery person’s availability.

Is this service No-Contact?

Yes, these deliveries will be strictly no contact. Items will be placed in a bag(s) and left next to a door or other designated place.

How long can I borrow the items you bring me?

The lending period for Hopkins County-Madisonville Public Library items through the homebound program is flexible, generally 4 weeks.  There are no late fees for overdue items when checked out through the homebound delivery service, nor are there any first-use card restrictions when borrowing materials through this service.

Materials not available at the time of request will be placed on reserve and delivered when they become available. Please note that there may be waiting lists for new and/or popular items.

Can I renew materials?

Yes, materials checked out through the homebound delivery service may be renewed one (1) time, provided that the materials are not on a wait list.

Are there late fees or fines on overdue materials?

There are no late fees or fines on materials checked out through the homebound delivery service.

Can we deliver new releases?

Yes! The lending period for new releases is 4 weeks for Homebound patrons.

Is there a limit to how much I can borrow?

Yes; Each patron is limited to a total of twenty (20) items checked out at any one time.

Books:  Up to twenty (20) books

Audio Books:  Four (4) items per registered cardholder

Videos:  Four (4) videos per registered adult cardholder, only two (2) of which may be from the TV section. (Must be at least 18 years old to check out Videos)

Go Packs:  1 pack per registered adult cardholder (must be at least 18 years old to check out Go Packs)

Cake Pans:  Five (5) pans per registered cardholder (must be at least 18 years old to check out Cake Pans)

What materials are available?

The Library has a large collection of large print and regular print books, as well as many audio books, movies, thematic learning kits (Go Packs) for children, cake pans, and other non-traditional lending materials that we can deliver.  Visit our Online Public Access Catalog to search and browse for items.

How do I return items?

Materials will be delivered to and picked up from each participant’s residence by Library staff or volunteers.

Participants will be charged the replacement cost for materials that are lost and/or damaged while in their care.

How do I refer someone I know?

If you know someone who could potentially benefit from our Homebound Library Delivery Service, refer them today!  Call Outreach Coordinator Ms. Shanna at 270-825-2680, or email bookmobile@publiclibrary.org, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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